Turkish Insurance Law in Turkey

Insurance law is divided into two main categories social insurance and private insurance. For more information about insurance law in Turkey, please visit our website.

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Turkish Insurance Law in Turkey

Turkish Insurance Law in Turkey

Insurance Law is divided into two as social insurance and private insurance. Social Insurance Law is a branch of law that covers social security issues of wage earners, civil servants, public and private sector workers and self-employed people from all segments of the society. We provide services within the scope of Istanbul Labor Law Attorney and Labor Law Attorney on this subject. For this reason, information will be given under this title only within the scope of Private Insurance Law.

Private Insurances are regulated in the Turkish Commercial Code and are generally divided into two as Life Insurance and Loss Insurance.

While Loss Insurances are divided into two as Property Insurance and Liability Insurance; Life Insurances consist of Life, Accident, Sickness and Health Insurances.

Life insurance is a type of insurance that requires a certain amount of savings in order to increase the quality of life of the person, and thanks to these insurances, the person lives a safer life with an increased quality of life. The main types of insurance in this category are; private health insurance, group life insurance, personal accident insurance, death insurance, disability insurance and special condition insurance.

Loss insurance, on the other hand, is the insurance that compensates the financial compensation you incur due to this risk, within the scope of the guarantees, in case of any risk. These; fire insurance, accident insurance, vehicle insurance (motor and traffic insurance), agricultural insurance and machinery insurance. Thanks to these insurances, the person receives compensation for material damage after the necessary determinations are obtained as a result of the realization of any risk.

We are pleased to serve you with our expert staff in all insurance matters mentioned above within the scope of Istanbul Insurance Law Attorney and Insurance Law Attorney service. You can contact us for detailed information.

To give some more detailed information about Highways Motor Vehicles Compulsory Liability Insurance (Traffic Insurance), which is the most common policy:

Traffic insurance, during operation of the motor vehicle, due to the death of a third party or has given rise to loss and damage or anything injury, 2918 on the legal responsibilities under falling insured by the Traffic Act request regarding compensation content determined in these General Terms are valid compulsory insurance limits as of date of accident liable to meet.

Traffic Insurance Cover Types:

  • Material Compensation: Cost of material damage to the vehicle (vehicle repair cost), loss of value, vehicle deprivation compensation.
  • Death-Disability Compensation: Compensation for deprivation of support for those who benefit from the support of the deceased if the driver or one of the passengers died due to the accident, and permanent or temporary incapacity compensation if one of the driver and passengers is permanently or temporarily disabled due to an accident.
  • Health Expenses Coverage: Medication and treatment expenses, transportation expenses.

The above-mentioned guarantees are covered within the limits of the policy and according to the fault rate of the parties. For detailed information, you can contact us within the scope of Istanbul Insurance Law Attorney and Insurance Law Attorney service.


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