Turkish IT (Information Technology) Law in Turkey

Information technology law is a prominent and up-to-date field of study due to the increasing incidence of cybercrime. For more information on IT law in Turkey, please visit our website.

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Turkish IT (Information Technology) Law in Turkey

Turkish IT (Information Technology) Law in Turkey

With the development of technology, the importance of technology and technological tools in human life is increasing day by day. Depending on these developments, the access to technology and technological products has increased. It would not be wrong to say that there are almost no people who are not connected to technology. Today, almost every person can easily integrate with the whole world with his phone or computer in his pocket. Technology has been so involved in our lives, and as it has become so widespread that it goes into almost every person’s pocket all over the world, negative uses of technology have also increased. Cybercrimes, which we did not even know existed 30 years ago, have become the most committed crimes of today. This has made IT Law a very popular and up-to-date branch of law.

What Are the Cybercrimes?

  • To seize users’ personal information;
  • To make any disturbing statements in the online environment;
  • To send users any insulting, abusive or obscene contents;
  • To make the system unusable and make attacks and attempts for this purpose;
  • To steal information;
  • To damage the system by causing virus infection; and
  • To commit identity theft or fraud over the internet or through information tools.


Content Removal Procedures from the Internet

The process starts with removing content from the Internet or blocking access to existing content, and if the case conditions are met, the IT lawyer applies to the criminal judgeship of peace. As a result of the application petition, if the judge concludes that the crime has occurred; It decides to remove content such as pictures, comments, news, videos published on the Internet. The removal of the content published on the internet by the IT law attorney or the blocking of the current access to the relevant section (URL) of the website where the content in question is located only occurs in the following ways:

  • Removing the contents or blocking the access due to violation of the personal rights;
  • Removing the contents or suspending the access service due to violation of Law No.5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works;
  • Blocking the access due to public interest and order;
  • Blocking the access due to crime;
  • Removing the contents or blocking the access due to violation of privacy of personal life; and
  • Removing the contents or blocking the access due to the use of the right to forget on the Internet.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc. For reasons explained above, such as committing a crime through social media tools, violating personal rights or privacy, the right to be forgotten on the internet, the necessity of public interest, it is possible to request the blocking of access and the removal of the content by applying to the criminal judgeship of peace through an informatics law attorney.

Informatics Law Attorney and Informatics Lawyer Istanbul within the scope of our services; With our expert staff, we carry out the preparation of a complaint petition and the follow-up of the process. In cases brought against you for cyber crimes, we can ensure that you are not punished at all or get rid of the case with the least penalty, depending on the file status, by following the case.


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