Turkish Divorve Law and Procedure in Turkey

Divorce law covers topics like dividing assets fairly, child custody, and spousal support. For more information about divorce law in Turkey, please visit our website.

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Turkish Divorve Law and Procedure in Turkey

Turkish Divorve Law and Procedure in Turkey

Family Law consists of various types of cases. The most well-known of these is the divorce case. In fact, there is no branch of law in the literature in the form of Divorce Law. However, the usage of Divorce Law, Divorce Attorney in the colloquial language is quite common.

The divorce process is very difficult and exhausting. The longer the process, the greater the degree of weariness. At the end of the case, there is absolutely no winning party, and both parties leave this process tired and worn out. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the best divorce is the fastest. For this reason, you can get through this process in the fastest and least tiring way by getting the services of a Contracted Divorce Attorney or Istanbul Divorce Attorney.


Reasons for Divorce

The reasons for divorce are divided into “Special Reasons” and “General Reasons”.


  1. Special Reasons

These reasons are listed between Articles 161-165 of the Turkish Civil Code. These reasons are briefly:

  • Adultery
  • Intention to life, very bad or dishonorable behavior
  • Committing a crime and leading a dishonorable life
  • Abandonment
  • Mental illness

It is counted as. You can contact us for detailed information within the scope of Contracted Divorce Attorney or Istanbul Divorce Attorney service.


  1. General Reasons

If you want to divorce, but one of the above-mentioned special reasons is not present in your marriage, then the general reason “disruption of the marital union” should be based on. However, the boundaries of this reason are not clearly drawn. For this reason, it is necessary to explain how the marriage union is shaken in a good way in the court and the judge should be convinced that the marriage union has been shaken. Otherwise, the case will be rejected and the divorce will not take place. For this reason, it is necessary to get help from an expert Divorce Attorney.


Divorce Suit

Divorce cases are divided into two as contested divorce or uncontested divorce. If there is one of the above specific or general reasons and one of the parties does not want a divorce, a contested divorce case should be filed. However, if both parties want a divorce and have agreed on the results, it is possible to file an Uncontested Divorce case if they also meet the conditions.

Contracted Divorce Conditions:

  • The marriage must have lasted at least 1 year.
  • The parties must agree on all matters, including divorce, financial matters, and custody.
  • This agreement must be linked to a protocol.
  • The agreement protocol must be approved by the judge, finding it suitable for the interests of the parties (children, if any).

If you meet these conditions, the judge will order the divorce. It is very important to get help from an expert Divorce Attorney in the preparation of the protocol.


Divorce Attorney Services

  • To follow the divorce process, to file a divorce case if necessary,
  • To prepare the protocol in case of uncontested divorce,
  • Preparing marriage contracts,
  • To open and follow up alimony cases,
  • To open custody cases and to follow up,

We provide services as a Divorce Attorney or Istanbul Divorce Attorney.


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