Turkish Inheritance Law

Inheritance law governs the transfer of a person's rights, debts, and other legal relationships upon their death. To learn more about inheritance law in Turkey, you can visit the website.

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Turkish Inheritance Law

Turkish Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is the set of rules regulating the outcome of transferable rights and debts and other legal relations of a person whom we call an inheritance, which do not end with her death.

The Istanbul heritage attorney can help you on these matters. You can find the answers to all your questions in the field of inheritance law with the consultancy services.



Persons who have the right as a complete successor on the assets and liabilities of the inheritor are called heirs. Heirs are divided into 2 as legal and appointed heirs, according to the reason underlying their being heirs.

If the heir is called to inherit by law, if the legal heir is called by the will of the inheritor, then appointed heirship is mentioned.

The inheritance attorney offers you any legal advice on the inheritance matters.


Inheritance Lawsuits

There are some types of cases in the inheritance law. You can get professional support for all of these types of cases through the Istanbul heritage attorney consultancy services.

We can list the types of cases in the inheritance law as follows:

  • Actions of Recovery;
  • Actions for reduction;
  • Actions of decedent simulation;
  • Actions of Cancellation of the Heritance Contract;
  • Actions on Cancellation of the Inheritance Certificate; and
  • Actions of Partition.

The most common cases in inheritance law are listed above. Other than these cases, there are also any different inheritance lawsuits filed regarding the inheritance law.


Certificate of inheritance

A certificate of inheritance is a certificate required to prove that a person truly is an heir under the law. This certificate must be issued by notary approval or court order. If the certificate of inheritance must be obtained from the notary public, there must be a relationship of kinship. Otherwise, it is necessary to apply to the court. Such matters are heard by the Civil Courts of Peace in our country.

There are some situations that prevent a certificate of inheritance from being obtained from a notary public as follows:

  • If there is not be a relationship of kinship;
  • If the person die before 04.01.2016;
  • If the deceased person’s spouse is still alive, after the person dies before 23.11.1990;
  • If there is not a testament of the person, who leaves the heritage;
  • If the inheritor/one of the heirs is unknown, adopted or denaturalized.

The Istanbul heritage attorney can guide you upon your requests in such situations. Other than such situations, there are also some obstacles. One of them is the death of the inheritor and one of the heirs on the same day.

There is no time limit to issue a certificate of inheritance. On the other hand, a certificate of inheritance must be obtained and a declaration must be submitted for the properties acquired within the scope of the inheritance and transfer tax. A time limit is determined for this situation. If there are question marks in your mind or some situations that you cannot solve, the Inheritance attorney provides an expert support for all your questions in the field of inheritance law.


Inheritance Agreements

An inheritance contract is a bilateral testamentary disposition made between the legator and the other party. With this contract, at least one of the parties, that is, the legator, either makes a financial death-related disposition on his own estate or makes the other party renounce the right of heir that will arise in the future on his own estate.

  • Contract of Assignment of Inheritors: It is the assignment of the legator to the other party as heir for all or a fractional part of his estate.
  • Testament Contract: It is called the process of making a will in the estate of the other party of the legator.
  • Inheritance Waiver Agreement: With this agreement, a prospective and future heir renounces the rights that will arise in the future on the inheritance of the inheritance in his favor, with or without a gratuity.

Istanbul inheritance lawyer will help you to prepare your positive or negative inheritance contracts. It is recommended that you consult a specialist in such matters.

The Istanbul heritage attorney will help you to prepare your positive or negative inheritance contracts. It is strongly recommended that you consult an expert on such matters.



A will is the name given to a document or verbal statement that determines how a person’s inheritance will be shared in the event of his death. Wills are drawn up in three ways, two of which are ordinary and one is exceptional.

  • Official Will
  • Hand written will
  • Oral (exceptional) will

The most common and safe testament type in Turkish law is the official will. The official will is made with the participation of two witnesses before a notary public, magistrate or authorized official.

The testator must have the power of discernment. TMK art. The statement on this subject in 13 is as follows; “Anyone who is not incapable of acting rationally because of his minor age or because of mental illness, mental weakness, drunkenness, or the like, has the power of discernment under this Law.”

The testator must be at least 15 years old.

The most basic question that comes to people’s minds in the context of the attorneyship and consultancy services we offer in the field of Istanbul inheritance lawyer is whether old age is an obstacle to making a will.


We Provide in the Field of Inheritance Law

We provide a number of services on inheritance law. Within the scope of these services, we provide guidance on all possible cases to be filed as inheritance cases, help the cases to be concluded faster, and support you in inheritance and testament issues. At the same time, we are with you in legal processes for the annulment of wills. As an Istanbul inheritance lawyer, we should point out that you do not have to hire a lawyer in inheritance cases. However, it may be a good idea to seek help from a professional and experienced in such sensitive matters. When choosing your lawyer, you should choose a lawyer who has developed himself in the field of inheritance law and provides specialized services in this regard.

We also offer our experience in the field of the certificate of succession, which is within the scope of inheritance law. We also provide the support you need in cases such as restitution cases, criticism cases, title deed cancellation cases. As an inheritance lawyer, we know it’s our duty to help you:

  • Inheritance agreements
  • Testament
  • Until death contracts
  • Inheritance waiver cases
  • Inheritance denial cases
  • Izale-i suyu cases
  • Inheritance detection, management

As an Istanbul inheritance lawyer, we provide consultancy to all your legal processes within the field of inheritance law, including the above cases and contracts, and make sure that your cases are carried out in the fastest way. If you need legal support in Istanbul in the field of inheritance, we will be happy to provide legal services for you.


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